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OKCoin is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges, at the time of writing of this review. They concentrate mainly on the Chinese market and more specifically on retail customers.

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There are a few altcoins available at OKCoin, but this is undoubtedly not an exchange which list a lotsbestemming of coins. The options presently available are: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC and BCC. The addition of Etherem Classic and Bitcoin Metselspecie will be appreciated by some users. Trading at OKCoin is only done against the Chineese Yuan (CNY), while the other brand wielded by the company provides more products.

Ondergrens initial deposit

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There is no information on the ondergrens deposit at OKCoin. This is rather odd, especially given the fact they accept deposits te Yuan. Wij are used to forex brokers, disclosing their entry barriers. For example FXCM only requires a $50 deposit, for the opening of a fresh trading account.

Margin trading is not available at OKCoin, while it is at the company&rsquo,s other brand OKEX. Te essence OKCoin is the company which takes fiat currency deposits (only ter Yuan), while the other webstek is the more trader-oriented exchange. Leverage at crypto-exchanges is usually lower than the one provided for forex trading, where brokers often permit 1:500 or even higher ratios. That being said, cryptocurrencies are a lotsbestemming more volatile, so margin trading is a lotsbestemming riskier, ter genérico.

Fees at OKCoin are competitive with the current offers by other brokers, going spil high spil 0.20%. With greater volumes, the rate declines, which is also a proces applied by numerous exchanges. Fortunately for the more aggressive traders there is no difference for market &ldquo,makers&rdquo, and &ldquo,takers&rdquo,. The forex brokers who offerande bitcoin trading on the other mitt include all of their costs ter the spread. They also mostly provide CFD trading. For a total comparison of the two types of services read this postbode.

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The charting is very nice, with some technical indicators being pre-loaded, to stimulate more active trading. The order book at OKCoin is also very user-friendly. Here is a preview:

One can clearly distinguish inbetween the bids and asks. The gauze is also conveniently located to right.

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