HitBTC Review 2018 – Most Advanced User Friendly Bitcoin Exchange

According to the official webstek of HitBTC, it claims to be the “most” advanced Bitcoin exchange ter the world. Well, wij too got nosey about HitBTC and attempted to decipher it jut for you. Here is what wij managed to find:

HitBTC offers some of the best APIs that are popular for being enormously user friendly and helps even the most basic user to trade with ease. Another amazing opzicht of HitBTC is that you can have a look at their Wikipedia pagina spil well. Now, this is fairly unique because you’ll hardly everzwijn find anything related to the Bitcoin exchanges on Wikipedia.

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Tho’ the company is based ter Europe but it operates from its registered office ter Hong Kong. The company has bot active since 2013 and claims to have built some utterly efficient matching algorithms. Even tho’ the registration process is lightning-quick but the verification process is tedious and immensely time consuming. The different types of verification processes suggested by the company include Caudillo, Verified, and Qualified. You get all the account levels with HitBTC and each level has its unique advantage. Trading volumes are higher for the higher level account holders, so you can expect to love higher trade volumes with a qualified account.

Funding of an account takes at least 14 days and the withdrawal of funds takes more than 20 days, which is indeed quiebro high. Now, you got to have a lotsbestemming of patience to deposit or even withdraw your money. Coming to the demo mode: It’s super-exciting to get an chance to attempt a crypto exchange verhoging even before actually create an account and trade. HitBTC gives all users the chance to attempt all the features without putting ter any money! You can carry out a multitude of transactions to understand the coetáneo workings of the verhoging.

HitBTC has very low trading fees and they switch only 0.1% on each trade and the LP orders come with a 0.01% discount on execution.

• A entirely fresh technology ter use

• Users get to attempt the toneelpodium using the demo mode

• Trading Volume is truly high

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• Verification is a long and tedious process

• Transaction fees are truly high

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There’s a two step security verification using the Google Authenticator and this security feature is available for all the logins spil well spil the withdrawals. However, the strangest thing is that the security opzicht is fully missing during the registration process.

HitBTC Affiliate Program

You can lightly become an affiliate with HitBTC and make some good money through commission on referrals. Affiliates are paid te Bitcoin and every affiliate is ensured a revenue share percentage inbetween 20 and 40 procent. This is a lifetime payment commission scheme wherein the affiliate playmate gets paid every time a successful transaction is carried out by a referred user. Join Their Amazing Affiliate Program Today!

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