HitBTC Announces Electroneum Listing – The Bitcoin News

HitBTC has announced that te the coming weeks it will start listing the mobile-friendly cryptocurrency Electroneum. This is massive news for the fast-rising coin, which aims to become the very first cryptocurrency to achieve real-world mass adoption.

Since launching at the end of Electroneum has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency world by quickly gaining 750,000 users, reaching a c.$700m market cap and providing it&rsquo,s 120,000 initial contributors up to 2200% comes back. Overheen $513m of ETN has bot traded despite only listing on one exchange until now and being live for just overheen Two months.

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The Electroneum strategy is markedly different from other cryptocurrencies. The team behind it have developed a unique mobile mining app, which will permit the coin to become accessible to people all overheen the world. Spil long spil they have a smartphone, users ter developing countries can earn ETN by running the app ter the background. This airdrop of coins will then be acceptable spil payment for their phone gegevens and more. Furthermore, the app will soon feature an effortless PayPal-style payment gateway, permitting vendors to accept Electroneum at the touch of a button.

ETN already has partnerships agreed with multinational telecoms corporations te the developing world to make all this a reality, and more are expected ter the coming weeks. With this strategy, Electroneum has a route to make cryptocurrency available to ems of millions of fresh users, making it the very first truly mass adopted cryptocurrency.

For the community, thesis developments are made all the more titillating by Electroneum&rsquo,s listing on HitBTC, where users will have another toneel to buy and sell coins.

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&ldquo,Wij&rsquo,re delighted to announce wij will be listed on HitBTC&rdquo, said Electroneum founder Richard Ells. &ldquo,Our users have inspired us with their belief te the Electroneum project and wij&rsquo,re excited to be able to prize their patience. HitBTC is the ideal exchange for us because the team behind it mirror our passion for pushing cryptocurrency to the next level.&rdquo,

Integration is underway now, and it&rsquo,s expected that Electroneum will be listed soon.

About Electroneum

Electroneum is a brand fresh disruptive technology, combining blockchain, cryptocurrency and mobile ubiquity to make something entirely fresh.

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It is designed entirely for mass adoption, aiming to be the largest cryptocurrency by user number during .

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