Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Getting the necessary equity worth at least USD Ten,000 into your account involves a bankgebouw transfer/wire (te the case of fiat currencies) or a transfer of cryptocurrency from an outer wallet.

Bitfinex is targeted at professional cryptocurrency traders. It requires a recuento of USD Ten,000 to start trading, and ter addition to permitting straightforward market-value exchanges of, say, US dollars for bitcoins, it also enables a broad multitude of special trades. Thesis include limit and zekering orders, margin trading and lending, and overheen the tegenstoot (OTC) trades (i.e. onmiddellijk trades inbetween two parties that don’t go on the order book). While there is a broad array of different options available, everything is laid out te an impressively intuitive style, with effortless to navigate dashboards and menus. Yet despite the robustness of its day-to-day security measures, Bitfinex has bot hacked twice (te and ), casting a shadow overheen what is otherwise a very slick toneel.

  • Broad range of services and order types
  • Low trading and withdrawal fees
  • Very effortless to use
  • Only for professional crypto-traders
  • Has suffered a duo of high-profile hacks


Spil a trading verhoging for cryptocurrencies, Bitfinex charges trading fees. Thesis vary according to the amount being traded, and according to whether the user is the “maker” or “taker” of a trade (i.e. according to whether they trade by making a fresh order, or by taking an existing order).

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To waterput this ter some perspective, Poloniex – which also charges “maker” and “taker” fees – imposes a 0.25% taker and a 0.15% maker toverfee for any trades less than 600 BTC. Given that 600 BTC is harshly equal to $8,279,991, this makes Bitfinex one of the cheaper advanced trading platforms out there.

And when it comes to deposits, sums equal to or greater than $1,000 (US dollars) encounter no fees at all. However, Bitfinex charges 0.1% of a bank-transfer deposit ter US dollars or euros.

For deposits less than omschrijving of $1,000, it charges fees that vary with the cryptocurrency being deposited. A sample of thesis is shown below, while the utter list can be found here on the exchange’s support pagina:

Spil for withdrawals, thesis are always charged for by Bitfinex. A canap transfer/wire te euros or US dollars is charged at 0.1% of the amount being transferred, while an express handelsbank transfer (within 24 hours) is charged at 0.1%.

Merienda again, the toverfee for withdrawing cryptocurrency varies with the currency being withdrawn. However, things are made slightly simpler for users by the fact that Bitfinex charges exactly the same for withdrawals spil it does for puny deposits. Ter other words, users would pay a vapid toverfee of 0.0008 BTC for a “small” deposit te bitcoin, and they would pay exactly the same amount if they wished to withdraw the currency.

And for the purposes of comparison, Bitfinex’s withdrawals are generally cheaper than those of two similarly advanced exchanges, Kritiseren and HitBTC.


Founded ter 2012 and registered ter the British Cherry Islands, Bitfinex has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by bitcoin trading volume. It concentrates more on professional traders than on the común public, suggesting users the capability to engage te margin lending, margin funding, paired trading, and limit and zekering orders (spil well spil other kinds of order). It asks for a ondergrens account movimiento of USD Ten,000, so it’s certainly not for casual users, yet its plain layout and interface makes it very straightforward to use.

While the exchange offers users the a sturdy multitude of security measures, from two-factor authentication (2FA) to IP address monitoring, Bitfinex suffered from a duo of high-profile hacks, te May and then te August . It learned lessons from thesis attacks and bolstered its security measures, yet the November hack suffered by tether – which is reportedly related with Bitfinex – proceeds to raise questions about the exchange’s overall security.


Two high-profile hacks aside, Bitfinex offers more security protections for the user and takes more security precautions than most exchanges. Not only is there the aforementioned two-factor authentication, but users can also make use of universal 2nd ejecutor authentication, which requires them to login using an extra physical device such spil a USB stick. Added to this, Bitfinex monitors user accounts ter the following ways:

– Saves login gegevens and analyze it for any unusual activity

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– Detects IP address switches te case of sessions hijacks

– Sends notifications and permits account freezes ter case of suspicious activity

– Can limit account access to selected IP addresses

Spil for the security measures it has ter place to protect its system, Bitfinex does the following:

– Uses protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

– Automatically backs up databases everyday

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– Automatically duplicates backup gegevens

– Updates its software and Linux systems regularly

The above steps work to reduce Bitfinex’s vulnerabilities while also ensuring that transaction and fund gegevens is retained, so that te the event of an unfortunate incident users don’t lose any of their funds.


For an exchange that caters almost exclusively to professional traders, Bitfinex is remarkably user-friendly. It has its own mobile app, while on its main instrumentenbord everything is laid out clearly and logically. There’s a graph charting a selected currency’s value at the top, a sidebar including a clean order form and the user’s balances, and boxes at the bottom displaying Bitfinex’s order book, incoming trades, and the user’s order history.

With regards to carrying out trades and managing funds, things are similarly uncomplicated. Using the order form on the right-hand sidebar, users can place everything from a elementary market-price exchange to a stop-limit margin trade. And merienda orders have bot placed and trades have bot made, keeping track of your activity is effortless enough thanks to the “Tickers” opbergruimte on the sidebar, and the “Orders” and “Order History” boxes at the bottom of the instrumentenbord.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Getting the necessary equity worth at least USD Ten,000 into your account involves a bankgebouw transfer/wire (ter the case of fiat currencies) or a transfer of cryptocurrency from an outer wallet. From there, users can budge their funds to and from their exchange, margin and funding balances, which enable them to use the different services Bitfinex offers (e.g. margin lending/trading, overheen the tegenstoot trades).

This process is plain enough, albeit ter the case of bankgebouw transfers it can take some time. This is because transfers require account verification, which at the time of writing were taking Bitfinex anything from six to eight weeks to accomplish.

Spil for withdrawals, thesis work te the same way: users either send fiat currencies back to their canap accounts via a wire, or they send their cryptocurrencies back to an outward wallet. Withdrawals of fiat currencies can require spil many spil seven business days to finish, while withdrawals of digital currency can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours.

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