Cryptocurrency Airdrop 101

Airdrops have become a popular term ter the sphere of crypto. By definition, an airdrop refers to: “a proces of distributing tokens by awarding them to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency, such spil Bitcoin or Ethereum.” Cryptocurrency airdrops are essentially a means of receiving free tokens ter a fresh project by holding the mainchain token it is deploying on. Examples of airdrops include Bitcoin Metselspecie and Bitcoin Gold (both of which airdropped from a snapshot of those who held BTC.) Spil more projects develop, and fresh protocols emerge, wij dreamed to discuss a few tokens that could be superb to hold te order to benefit from airdrops moving forward.

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EOS – EOS is a top ten crypto, and the team is building a blockchain toneelpodium that is feeless and scalable. The team has already announced they will be airdropping projects that will be going live on the podium such spil Everipedia. The EOS mainnet will launch and June and it could pay major dividends moving forward to register and hold EOS for future airdrops spil well. It presently trades at $11.48 on Binance.

LRC – Loopring protocol is building a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto-token exchanges, shielding users from counterparty risk and reducing the cost of trading. LRC is an ERC20 token(built on Ethereum network), but the team will be airdropping LRN and LRQ to support cross functionality for both NEO and QTUM. Spil the space becomes more siloed, LRC could be a excellent connector, and receiving airdrops of future network support tokens could be a big advantage for those that hold Loopring. LRC trades at $0.76 on HitBTC at the uur.

PRL – Oyster Pearl is a protocol focused on enhancing web revenue practices by enabling webstek owner’s with an anonymous and decentralized user-friendly way to implement both revenue generation (only have to add a line of code), verkeersopstopping storage. Recently, PRL holders received a 1 to 1 airdrop of SHL (Oyster Shell), which is essentially the gas of the network they are building. Holding PRL could yield more free tokens if the network expands extra functionality moving forward! PRL trades at $0.74 on Kucoin at the time being.

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Thesis are three projects that are not on everyone’s radar, and it is likely that the staple tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO will also have a diversity of airdrops moving forward. It is significant to note that not all airdrops are supported on exchanges, and often the most effective way to receive an airdrop is to store on a individual wallet such spil Metamask or a Ledger Wallet.

Always make sure to do toegevoegd homework when researching airdrops, and ensure to go after specific instructions given by the project teams themselves!

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