Spil of March 2018, it has a daily volume of overheen $250 million.

Cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC is being criticized for its delayed deeds on returning stolen funds that were deposited te its toneel to their respective owners.

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Richard Sanders, a known crypto scam whistleblower and writer for multimedia portal, Medium, has already called for a boycott against HitBTC for the allegations asking investors to pull out from the exchange until it shapes up its services.

He claims that he helped a group of crypto investors that were scammed with spil much spil 1,000 ETH spil he identified the scammer’s identity and other pertinent details.

“…I made it clear to this scammer that I could make the fallout of the situation far less horrific for them if they complied with returning the stolen ETH. Ter this zonderling case, the scammer wasgoed willing to conform with mij. I had the scammer’s burner Gmail account, used to create a burner HitBTC account, and the private keys to an Ethereum wallet used to conduct the scam,” Sanders wrote ter his lump published by Medium.

“There wasgoed one little problem: the scammer attempted to send the 1,000 ETH to HitBTC. Since the scammer ran a pool on a contract webpagina, the funds never made it to his individual HitBTC ETH wallet: just to HitBTC,” he added.

He noted that the custody of the stolen funds is presently with HitBTC which is not being fully participative on the process of returning them to respective owners spil the exchange is employing several “delaying tactics.”

“Funds recovery should never be this hard ter a situation like this. Even te a criminal investigation where organizations are raided and assets frozen, funds recovery might have bot recovered by now. Any reputable exchange with a support team that is even mildly competent would have resolved this by now,” Sanders further stated.

The crypto scam whistleblower also mentioned that every request of rightful crypto owners for the custody of funds that they want to get back from HitBTC is usually futile even if enough evidence of ownership are already provided to the exchange.

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He detailed that te most cases, the exchange will provide a petitioner with a timeline that it will fail to meet until an individual is asked for details that were already provided which will become a cycle until a claimant gets tired and ultimately druppel its rechtsvordering for the custody.

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“By now, it’s clear at this point: regardless of whether it is gross negligence, incompetence, or maliciousness, HitBTC is falsely and illegally retaining funds from people that seemingly historically have given up and walked away, thinking nothing can be done,” Sanders voiced.

He also warned that he wasgoed able to secure básico information ter order to serve a legítimo notice against HitBTC to have its assets frozen.

It can be recalled that HitBTC wasgoed launched te 2014 being operated by Kasstuk Techs Limited ter a still unknown location. Spil of March , it has a daily volume of overheen $250 million.

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  1. One of my friends is going through divorce proceedings and he is facing the same kwestie. He is having quiet a few BTCs te his wallet and he is planing to keep it spil a secret. But it is fairly risky. He is having finta a few exchange accounts and many of them have the ID verification. But the fellow is adamant. He doesn’t want to give any of his coins to his wifey.

  2. If no one knows and it’s uncovered expect the law to come piling down upon you. You may well get away with it. Then again the alternative isn’t going to be pretty.

  3. My wifey knows all my transaction te bitcoin. I don’t want hiding anything to hier because i love hier and i trust hier. But if our marriage will come to a divorce i will make a set up with hier. Wij will give the 50% of my BTC to our child. And then wij split the remaining comprobación.

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